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Submission Requirements

When requesting a hard money loan through Battles Capital Investments Inc. we would like you to submit your deal in 3-steps as follows:

Submission Step #1 - Preliminary Loan Approval

  • Brief Explanation of Your Loan Scenario
  • Full-Address of Property Being Used as Collateral
  • Interior/Exterior Photos of Property Showing Current Condition of Property
  • If Purchase Deal, Copy of Executed Purchase Contract
  • If Purchase Deal, Copy of Bank Statement Showing Available Funds for Down Payment
  • Brief Explanation Regarding How You Plan to Payoff the Loan

Submission Step #2 - Secure Loan Commitment 

  • Clarifications to Any Questions that Investor(s)/Attorney/Broker May have of You
  • Clear and Legible Copy of Photo ID's of All Borrowers
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • If LLC, Copy of Operating Agreement...If Corp. Copy of By-Laws
  • Copy of Executed Service Agreement with Battles Capital Investments Inc.

Submission Step #3 - Loan Closing

  • Final Clarification of Any Questions that Investor/Attorney may have of You
  • Copy of Insurance Declarations Page for Property Being Used as Collateral
  • Copy of Prior Survey

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