Submission Requirements

When requesting a hard money loan through Battles Capital Investments Inc. we would like you to submit your deal in 3-steps as follows:

Submission Step #1 - Preliminary Loan Approval



I needed to close on a real estate investment opportunity in less than 7-days. Mark Battles and his staff pulled this closing off in time. I was extremely pleased with their service and overall professionalism!

Steve J. Real Estate Investor/Orlando, Florida

Mark Knows His Investors Very Well and was Able to Obtain an LTV Increase which I Needed in Order for My Deal to Close….Mark did an Excellent Job Securing a Loan Commitment and Closing My Deal Very Quickly! I Highly Recommend Mark and His Team to Anyone in Search of a Hard Money Loan!

Dave A. Real Estate Investor/Miami, Florida

Cannot say enough about Mark Battles and his Team…Very Professional, Understands his Investors and their Comfort Level. He Closed My Deal within 10 Business Days! Very Pleased with his Service.

Sharon S. Real Estate Investor/Tampa, Florida

Tracy Battles is an Amazing Hard Money Professional…She Structured a Deal that None of Her Competitors Ever Thought of and it was Her Creative Thinking that Enabled Her to Close my Difficult Deal Within 14 Days! I’m Very Pleased with Her and Her Team!

Louise R. Real Estate Investor/Jacksonville, Florida

Tracy Battles is an Absolute Asset to Any Real Estate Investor Who are in Need of a Hard Money Loan…She was Quick to Obtain a Loan Commitment with Reasonable Terms and Closed my Deal in 10 Days! I Highly Recommend Her to Other Real Estate Investors Who are Looking for a Very Knowledgeable Funding Source!

Brian S. Real Estate Investor/Tallahassee, Florida

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