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Mark Battles is Florida's #1 Hard Money Loan Professional. Get Your Deal Funded in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas!

Mark Battles - Vice President - Battles Capital Investments Inc. | Orlando, Florida: has been a Florida Hard Money Professional for over 12 years and over this period of time he has brought to closing several hundred million in residential and commercial hard money deals throughout the state of Florida. Mark’s has a no-nonsense approach in getting his client's hard money projects funded. He has a history of putting together very creative financing structures allowing his firm…Battles Capital Investments Inc, to become Florida’s Premier Hard Money source. So if you are looking for straightforward answers in regards to the viability of your deal then be sure to submit your deal today for a quick evaluation.

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Tracy Battles - President - Battles Capital Investments Inc. | Orlando, Florida: is a dedicated and driven leader who's devoted to the success of the company. She is extremely knowledgeable of the processes involved in closing large private real estate transactions, raising private capital, and maintaining strong relationships with our business partners and our individual high net worth investors. She is detail oriented which allows her to quickly get deals to a closing table by foreseeing and correcting potential problems before going through any due diligence process saving borrowers time and money. This type of thinking and preparation allows her to propose the best possible loan structures to our investor pool on her first submission resulting in faster closings.

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